A Flurry of Flavours -EC1004
Basket Hamper-EC1004

This basket includes: 

  1. 1) Beryl's Tiramisu Almond White Chocolate 150g
  2. 2) Assortment With Milk Chocolate 70g
  3. 3) Camior Almond Milk Chocolate 50g
  4. 4) Almond Coated With White Chocolate 70g
  5. 5) Black & White Chocolate 34g
  6. 6) Beryl's Caramel & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar - Dark Chocolate With Caramel Chips & Sea Salt 100g
  7. 7) Chocolate Sable 180g

*Beryl’s reserves the right to substitute any of the item with items of equivalent value without prior notice and reason.

**Packing and arrangement are for visual purposes only.

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