Beryl's Raya 2021 Riang Raya Gift Set
Perfect for gifting. This Beryl's Raya 2021 Riang Raya Gift Set includes: 
  1. 1) Beryl's Riang Ria Assorted Chocolate 160g
  2. 2) Beryl's Almond Coated With Milk Chocolate 450g
  3. 3) Beryl's Almond Coated With Bittersweet Chocolate 450g
  4. 4) Beryl's Gaufrette Milk Chocolate Bar 100g x2
  5. 5) Beryl's Waffle Cookies Coated With Gianduja Milk Chocolate 80g x2
  6. 6) Beryl's Tiramisu Almond Milk Chocolate 65g
  7. 7) Beryl's Tiramisu Almond White Chocolate 65g
  8. 8) Beryl's Tiramisu Milk Chocolate 65g
  9. 9) Beryl's Hazelnut Chocolate Bar - Gianduja Milk Chocolate With Hazelnut 100g
  10. 10) Beryl's Fruity Chocolate Bar - White Chocolate With Dried Cranberry, Strawberry Pieces & Raisin 100g
  11. 11) Beryl's Family Treats 150g (Tin Assorted)
  12. 12) Coconut Rolls Original 75g

*Beryl’s reserves the right to substitute any of the item with items of equivalent value without prior notice and reason.

**Packing and arrangement are for visual purposes only.

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