Beryl's Double Prosperity New Year Basket
A basket of prosperity chocolate comes with our signature chocolate & cookies. Perfect for gifting. This Basket includes: 
  1. Elegance Milk Chocolate 150
  2. Waffle Cookies Coated With Gianduja White Chocolate 80g 
  3. Tiramisu Almond Milk Chocolate 65g
  4. Gaufrette Milk Chocolate with Almond 108g
  5. Double Layered Strawberry White & Milk Chocolate 60g
  6. Oatmeal Raisin Macadamia Nuts Cookies 100g
  7. Green Tea White Chocolate coated Wafer 40g
  8. (Round Tin) Raisin Coated With Milk Chocolate 120g
  9. (Camior) Extra Fine Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut 50g
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