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  1. Beryl's Raya Varieties Set 1
    Now Only MYR61.00 Regular Price MYR73.00
  2. Gaufrette With Milk Chocolate 105g - Pack of 4
    Now Only MYR35.00 Regular Price MYR38.80
  3. Beryl's Granola Bar Coated With Milk Chocolate 35g - Pack of 10
    Now Only MYR26.00 Regular Price MYR28.00
  4. Beryl's Raya Tiramisu Family Pack
    Now Only MYR40.00 Regular Price MYR44.80
  5. Beryl's Happy Cookies Bundle 001
    Now Only MYR54.00 Regular Price MYR58.80
  6. Beryl's Waffle Cookies Gianduja Milk Chocolate 80g - Pack of 4
    Now Only MYR36.80 Regular Price MYR39.20
  7. Beryl's Riang Ria 160g Twin Pack
    Now Only MYR25.00 Regular Price MYR27.60
  8. Beryl's Raya GP 006
    Now Only MYR63.50 Regular Price MYR66.90
  9. Beryl's Raya GP 004
    Now Only MYR54.50 Regular Price MYR57.30
  10. Beryl's Raya GP 003
    Now Only MYR76.00 Regular Price MYR86.20
  11. Beryl's Riang Ria 160g
  12. Post Card Melaka Beryl's Almond Coated with Milk Chocolate 110g Twin Pack
    Now Only MYR19.00 Regular Price MYR21.80
  13. Tiramisu Almond Milk Chocolate 200g Tin
    Now Only MYR16.80 Regular Price MYR23.80
  14. Coconut Crisp With Milk Chocolate 120g
    Now Only MYR9.90 Regular Price MYR11.70
  15. Almond Milk Malf Puff 120g
  16. Beryl's Waffle Cookies Coated With Gianduja Milk Chocolate 80g
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Items 1-16 of 78

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