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Welcome to beryl's gourmet

BERYL'S range of gourmet fine chocolate will cater to professional users such as chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakerles, hotels, restaurants and caterers. On top of this wide variety, BERYL'S will also provide customized gourmet fine chocolate products to meet each professional user's needs and specific requirement.

BERYL'S chocolate confectionery which is widely sold in supermarkets and duty free shops around the region has always enjoyed popular demands from end-consumers. The high quality and premium taste the consumers have continually savoured from BERYL'S confectionery retail line have this prompted BERYL'S to introduce the latest range of gourmet fine chocolate.

What beryl's gourmet do

Using only top quality ingredients, you are ensured of chocolates that retain the same great taste every time.

These top quality ingredients include beans from West Africa, natural vanilla and pure cocoa butter. All our ingredients receive the same care and attention to detail.

But the best materials are only one piece of the puzzle. To provide the great taste of Beryl's chocolate, we are constantly researching and developing new manufacturing methods and products. After all, variety is the spice of life, isn't it?

To that end, Beryl's Chocolate today offers more than 80 varieties to suit your every mood and desire. That's a list that is growing constantly.

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